The conferences

Opening conference

Work in the age of AI: myths to deconstruct and realities to grasp

Tuesday 14 May at 11.30am | Camille Blanc Room

2 years after the explosion of generative AI, it's time to demystify the fears surrounding AI and work, by recontextualising the debate with scientific rigour. Far from replacing humans, AI is a tool that is reshaping our approach to work, particularly for intellectuals and knowledge workers. Aurélie Jean, a doctor of science, will give us a clearer picture and explore the true capabilities of AI, distinguishing between what AI can do, what it will never do, and what remains the exclusive prerogative of human intelligence. Addressing current concerns such as technological discrimination and environmental impact, we will consider existing solutions. This session aims to rethink work in the age of AI, valuing human intelligences and adapting our skills for the future, while offering suggestions for further reading on the subject.

  • With Aurélie Jean, PhD, Doctor of Science and President of In Silico Veritas

ANSSI Conference

Speech by Gaëtan Poncelin de Raucourt, Deputy Director Strategy, ANSSI

Tuesday 14 May at 6.00 pm | Camille Blanc room

Given the resurgence of the threat to French ETIs, his talk will review the main alerts identified by ANSSI and look at the challenges ahead for the entire ecosystem.

  • With Gaëtan Poncelin de Raucourt, Deputy Director Strategy, ANSSI
Without people, there can be no digital transformation: Maya Noël

Without people, there can be no digital transformation

Wednesday 15 May at 12.00pm | Camille Blanc Room

Digital transformation everywhere, all the time!

In addition to its impact on the global economy, digital transformation embodies the values of innovation, entrepreneurship and inclusion within society. It's not just a pile of tools and business plans, but a mine of opportunities to inspire our organisations AND the people in them! As Managing Director of France Digitale, Europe's leading collective of start-ups and investors, she plays a key role in the mission to create European digital champions. In this context of digital transition and acceleration, business is a key vector of inclusion, and it's an essential message that Maya conveys: "You can't innovate for a small part of society. The whole community needs to be represented if we are to build for tomorrow". Diversity, gender, social mix, the digital transformation is an opportunity; and an inclusive transformation will shape a better digital future for Europe!

Moderated by Charlotte Bricard, Editorial Director, Influencia

  • Maya Noël, Managing Director, France Digitale

Harmony within reach, and within human reach

Wednesday 15 May at 6.00 pm | Camille Blanc Room

How the principles of conducting can be applied to the management of digital transformation. Zahia Ziouani, Conductor, Académie Divertimento will share her insights on coordination, harmony, and the need to adapt to unforeseen changes.

  • With Zahia Ziouani, Orchestra conductor, Académie Divertimento

The round tables

Ready For IT round table: DSI 2024: he's got his cake and eating it too! He can do it all!

DSI 2024: it is the butter, the money, and the creamery. He can do anything!

Tuesday 14 May: 14:00-14:45

Dive into the challenges and new approaches of the CIO in 2024. Faced with perpetual crises and crucial financial and technological challenges, the CIO is now a true Business Partner. Find out how this change is redefining their role, from managing the impact on the business to adopting a more open approach. An opportunity during the crisis for the CIO to climb the ladder and occupy a strategic position within organisations.


Moderated by Eric Domage, B2B IT Observer, Orange

With : 

  • Laurent Primaux, Technical Director, Zoomalia
  • Julien Villecroze, IT Director, Groupe Stelliant
  • Benjamin Serre, CTO for business and digital transformation
Ready for IT round table: All equal when it comes to NIS2: yes, you too (at the back of the room) are concerned!

All equal before NIS2: yes, you too (at the back of the room) are concerned!

Tuesday 14 May: 14:00-14:45

Discoverthe colossal legislative impact of the NIS2 regulation on businesses, the challenges it presents, and how to turn this obligation into a strategic opportunity. Explore the bold ambitions of NIS2 in terms of cybersecurity, broadening its scope and strengthening the obligations of public and private players. Businesses need to anticipate these changes and prepare for new responsibilities to ensure the security of their information systems.

Moderated by Jérôme Saiz, Business Protection Expert, OPFOR Intelligence

With :

  • Alexandra Iteanu, Lawyer, Digital, Cybersecurity & Data, Head of Data and RGPD at ITEANU AVOCATS and lecturer at Sorbonne Paris I University
  • Benoît Fuzeau, Chairman of CLUSIF and Head of Information Security, Casden Banque Populaire
  • Arnaud Philippe, Director of the Quality & Security Department, Data Protection Officer, Médiamétrie
  • Aurélie Klein, Lawyer of Counsel, Digital, Tech & Data, Head of Digital Innovation at FIDAL and Associate Lecturer at the University of Strasbourg
RFIT Round Table: Securing tomorrow's industry: an imperative at the heart of Industry 4.0

CESIN round table: Industrial systems security: evolution or revolution?

Tuesday 14 May: 2.00-2.45pm

The automation of production processes and tools, the use of numerous IoTs to improve reliability and efficiency, the processing of exponential volumes of data... the constant innovations at the heart of the modernisation of our industry are essential if we are to meet the national challenge of reindustrialisation. Industrial systems are no exception to the growing number of cyber attacks, with major issues at stake in terms of resilience and operational maintenance, and often vital issues for those who operate them, and even for the general public. Dive into the heart of this thriving and innovative French industry and understand its cybersecurity challenges.

Moderated by Coralie Héritier, Founder and CEO, Hanabi

With :

  • Fabrice Bru, Cybersecurity Director, Groupement Les Mousquetaires and CESIN Director
  • Sabri Khemissa, Expert in cybersecurity for industrial facilities / Co-founder Fortress Cybersecurity
  • Jean-Christophe Mathieu, Director of Digital Security, SNCF Group
AI under the bonnet of IT Departments! Ready for IT round table

AI under the bonnet of CIOs!

Tuesday 14 May: 14:00-14:45

Gone are the theories, now it's time to put them into practice! Cybersecurity plays a central role in this support, responding to the concerns of businesses that are demanding innovation without compromising security. It is vital to highlight the crucial need for an advanced technological vision on the part of CIOs to harmonise the adoption of AI with the ways in which businesses work. Let's explore together how to meet the challenges and overcome the fears associated with integrating AI into our organisations.


Moderated by : Guillaume Ledit, Editor-in-Chief, l'ADN

With :

  • Frédéric Charles, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Suez
  • Yann Gourvennec, CEO and founder, Visionary Marketing
  • Philippe Boudier, CISO, Sodexo
  • Jérôme Desbonnet, CTIO Cybersecurity, Capgemini
Ready For IT, round table: Green IT: the time for wishful thinking has come to an end!

Green IT: no more wishful thinking - now it's a reality!

Wednesday 15 May: 14:00-14:45

Ethical and responsible digital issues have become a priority in recent years. Looking beyond the technical and budgetary aspects of Green IT, our discussion explores ethical consistency within companies. How can environmental responsibility be reconciled with the inclusive treatment of employees? Together, let's tackle the great challenge of responsible digital computing and question the values that guide our choices in this constantly evolving digital age. Join us for an in-depth look at digital responsibility, an unavoidable imperative in the face of the IT sector's growing carbon footprint. Moderated by Mélanie Benard-Crozat, Editor-in-Chief S&D Magazine and IMPACT FOR THE FUTURE

With :

  • Marie Ait-Daoud, Green IT Manager, Vinci
  • Maud Cailly, Responsible Digital Coordinator,
  • Romuald Ribault, Responsible and Committed Marketing Director, Ecologic
  • Déborah Thebault, Environmental and Digital Transition Advisor & Green IT collective
RFIT round table: It's not up to SMEs to adapt to cybersecurity, it's up to cybersecurity to adapt to SMEs!

It's not up to SMEs to adapt to cybersecurity, it's up to cybersecurity to adapt to SMEs!

Wednesday 15 May: 14:00-14:45

The world of cybersecurity needs to be redefined from a new angle, specifically adapted to SMEs. Far removed from the structure of large groups, SMEs face unique challenges that require an innovative approach. Find out how these dynamic players are navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape by leveraging the ecosystem and strategic partnerships. Agile budgets and measured customisation are at the heart of this new approach. Join the discussion to find out how SMEs can successfully reinvent cybersecurity on their own scale.

Moderated by Caroline Moulin-Schwartz, Technical Delegate, CRIP

With :

  • Jérôme Notin, Director General, GIP ACYMA
  • Gilles Casteran, CEO, Memority
  • Franck Linck, IT Group Manager, De Dietrich Process System

Don't touch my supply chain!

Wednesday 15 May: 14:00-14:45

Ensuring a satisfactory level of forecast reliability is an essential objective for any Supply Chain Manager, who must anticipate the mobilisation of costly means and resources. The problem is that the digitalisation of the supply chain is leading to new cyber threats and multiple vulnerabilities that can affect every link in the supply chain. That's why cyber security is becoming an imperative for all professionals involved in the supply chain, not just CISOs. This round table will explore the specific challenges faced by SMEs in managing third-party suppliers (service providers, partners, subcontractors, etc.) and the strategies they need to adopt to guarantee the security and reliability of their external partners.

Moderated by Annick Rimlinger, Director of Security, Cyber and Data Protection, Aéma Groupe

With :

  • Guillaume Saggioro, CISO France, Decathlon
  • Nolwenn Le Ster, Head of Cybersecurity, Capgemini France / Chair of Numeum's Cybersecurity Committee
  • Christophe Charbonnier, CIO, MPSA Group

CISO & CIO Coaching Workshop

ADIM Workshop: Digital resilience and adaptation to the environmental context

ADIM Workshop: Digital resilience and adaptation to the environmental context

Tuesday 14 May at 5.00 pm| Apollinaire room

Global warming, pressure on resources: are you aware of the possible impacts on your information system? Come and find out about the major changes to come so that you can anticipate the business continuity measures for your IS.

With :

  • Franck Chiniard, Chairman, ADIM
  • Déborah Thebault, Environmental and digital transition advisor & Green IT collective
Ready For IT's CISO Coaching Workshop

"Breathe in... Breathe out!"

Wednesday 15 May: 10.00-10.45am / 16:00-16:45pm

This coaching workshop in partnership with the CIP will give you a breath of fresh air! If you're faced with a heavy mental workload in your day-to-day professional life, come and explore practical strategies to relieve your stress, free up more time and still be as productive as ever in an environment where operational demands are draining your mental well-being and energy. We'll provide you with practical tools for assessing your stress and fatigue levels, as well as techniques for managing your workload more effectively. We'll also discuss the importance of rituals to encourage better communication with teams, managers and the steering committee, allowing you to free up time for reflection and taking a step back. Before the workshop, a form will be made available to allow participants to ask questions and share their specific concerns, so that the session can respond in a way that is precise and tailored to their needs. Join us for an invigorating coaching session that will help you regain control of your mental load and regain balance in your role as CISO or CIO.

with : 

  • Stephan Guidarini, Vice-President, CIP
  • Julien Villecroze, CIO, Stelliant Group
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