What if the complex dance between digital transition and security could be made easier? We're not talking about simplicity, no, your businesses and your challenges are evolving too fast for that! Instead, let's talk about common sense, about a CIO propelled to the forefront of the Comex, investors and shareholders, juggling takeovers, an AI revolution to manage, and therefore an ever-expanding ocean of data to protect. The CIO 2024, this conductor of the business orchestra, is navigating a rich but sometimes scattered score where 360 vision is essential, with one clear objective: to simplify.

Common sense, a basic!

The human factor in our businesses is often considered to be the number 1 risk, but we forget to remember that it is also the number 1 solution. At a time when the 2024 version of the CIO is on the front line in becoming a genuine strategic partner in the face of crises, when the NIS2 directive is calling for greater vigilance and new obligations, and when the debate on responsible digital technology and AI is exploring more than ever the ethical issues beyond Green IT.

The right tools make the right friends

Of course, the foundation of any digital transition and security strategy lies in the right tools and the right partners for moving to the hybrid cloud or securing the IoT, which is becoming crucial in France's Industry 4.0. With this in mind, players can capitalise on their knowledge of the risks, challenges and technologies, and on this technical foundation... it's here that talent can express itself, where common sense takes over to move towards greater efficiency. Simplicity is the key: in your business, it's the right tools, at the right time, for the right people.

For the past 5 years, Ready For IT has been a privileged witness and facilitator of this community.

In the end, we too are looking for simplicity: the simplicity of a successful meeting, of a human and friendly exchange, of a kick-start conference, of an ultra-practical workshop!

We're simply delighted to be here with you, and look forward to seeing you in Monaco!