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The 2022 theme

Ready For IT, 3rd!

If you're reading these few words, you're involved in the digital transition and security, so you know just how fast they've been moving over the last two years! The stakes are colossal: over and above the processes, working methods and production methods that have been totally turned upside down, security has become everyone's business. It's a real revolution, accentuated by a particularly complex geopolitical situation.

Today, cyber fundamentals are finally part of the foundation of digital transformation. Companies have no choice but to tackle these different challenges head on. How do they choose? Where should they start? Who should they turn to? Who are the best partners on the market? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered quickly and efficiently, with the performance and productivity of organisations as the primary objective. This is the role of Ready For IT, with the remarkable commitment of the Editorial Committee: - we are market observers, identifying nuggets and knowing the best players - we are facilitators, helping you to save time and meet the right people - we listen for weak signals to inspire and challenge you.

The 2022 Replays

  • Conferences
  • Round table discussion
Opening conference part 1: Cyber attacks, what's next? - Ready For IT 2022

Opening conference part 1: Cyber attacks, what's next?

This exceptional round-table discussion will be an opportunity to hear from CISOs and CIOs who have experienced a massive attack, and who will be sharing their experiences and how they rebuilt their information systems.

With :

  • Sylvain François, CIO, Rouen University Hospital
  • Julien Villecroze, IT Director, Stelliant
  • Olivier Ligneul, Group CISO, EDF
  • Laurent Baillet, CIO, Hopps Group

Moderated by : Florence Puybareau Translated with (free version)

Opening conference | Part 2: Moralising the ethics of digital technology and AI "with a hammer" - Ready For IT 2022

Opening conference part 2: Moralising the ethics of digital technology and AI with a ‘hammer’.

An opportunity to stress the need for ethical reflection, while distinguishing it from the establishment of standards, norms, regulations and laws.

With : Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Artificial Intelligence specialist, Professor at the Sorbonne and former Chairman of the CNRS Ethics Committee

Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse: everything you need to know about Web 3.0 - Ready For IT 2022

Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse: everything you need to know about Web 3.0

You're bound to have heard of it, but behind all the buzzwords, do you really know what it's all about?

With : Fabien Aufrechter, Director, Havas Sovereign Technologies

Leading in times of disruptive innovation - Ready For IT 2022

Leading in times of disruptive innovation

Through this keynote, audiences will look beyond trends to develop a deep, human-centred understanding of how technology is changing our relationship to the world, and learn the key questions to ask in order to make more informed decisions and create strategies that will help them thrive in the age of constant connection.

With : Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist

Huawei Industrial 5G keynote: feedback and environmental impact - Ready For IT 2022

Keynote Huawei 5G industrielle : retour d’expérience et impact sur l'environnement 

Seaport, Health, etc. shows the impact in terms of efficiency, safety, competitiveness and above all environmental impact. Are you familiar with these terms? Then come and take part in this keynote discussion.

With : Minggang Zhang, Deputy Managing Director, Huawei France.

Ready For IT 2022 roundtable: digital transformation

Digital transformation: what are the security implications?

Homeworking, Industry 4.0, mobility... not to mention internal reorganisation, have all improved productivity and performance. But they have also amplified the threats to such an extent that these different components of digital transformation now need to be observed from a security perspective.

  • Stéphan Boisson, CIO, Comexposium Group
  • Daniel Benabou, Managing Director, IDECSI
  • Aurélie Klein, Lawyer of Counsel, Digital, Tech & Data, Head of Digital Innovation at FIDAL and Associate Lecturer at the University of Strasbourg

Moderated by : Cécile Desjardins, journalist

Ready For IT 2022 roundtable: cyber insurance

Cyber insurance: what can it be used for?

While large companies are now asking themselves whether they should take out insurance to cover their cyber risks, small and medium-sized businesses do not have the same opportunities to find alternative solutions. So why should a mid-market company take out cyber insurance?

  • Marc-Henri Boydron, Founder of Cyber-Cover
  • Gabriel Leperlier, Partner - Director GRC/PCI & International, Almond

Moderated by : Philippe Loudenot, Cyber Security Delegate, Pays de la Loire Regional Council

Ready For IT 2022 roundtable: digital security

Digital security: where to start?

Many medium-sized organisations are wondering how to manage their digital security. This round-table discussion, based on feedback from experience, will highlight best practice, challenge preconceived ideas and provide CIOs and CISOs with the keys to making rapid progress.

  • Jérôme Notin, Managing Director of GIP ACYMA, Cybermalveillance.gouv
  • Jean-François Louapre, CISO and Chairman of Hackena
  • Sébastien Daix, IT Infrastructure Manager, Devialet Stéphane Gomez, CISO, OpenClassRooms

Moderated by : Florence Puybareau

Ready For IT 2022 roundtable: smart cities

Smart cities: how do you combine success and safety?

Smart Cities are raising a lot of expectations, particularly among local authorities. This round-table discussion will highlight the digital issues that need to be addressed in smart cities, and look at the keys to the success of such projects.

  • Antoine Trillard, Chairman of Coter Numérique and CIO of the town of Chelles
  • Sébastien Valla, Director of Information Systems and Digital at the City of Saint-Etienne & Saint-Etienne Metropole

Moderated by : Frédéric Charles, Digital Strategy & Innovation Director, SUEZ SMART SOLUTIONS

Ready For IT 2022 roundtable: supply chain

Supply chain: how to outsource while limiting risks?

Subcontracting has become an imperative for many companies. At this round-table discussion, the speakers will debate the risks and benefits of outsourcing, the safeguards (legal, technical, contractual, etc.) that need to be put in place, and how to establish trust-based relationships in complete security.

  • Cyrille Elsen, IT Director Serenicity
  • Garance Mathias, Lawyer
  • Paul-Olivier Gibert, President, AFCDP
  • Michel Josset, Director of Insurance and Prevention at Forvia and Chairman of the AMRAE Prevention and Damage Commission

Moderated by : Cécile Desjardins, journalist

Ready For IT 2022 roundtable: governance

Managing your company's IT governance and ecosystem in multi-crisis situations

Organised by Agora. Following an analysis of the resilience of existing systems and private/public organisations, the round table will focus on why it is important to review the IT governance of businesses and their ecosystems.

  • Jean-Michel Mota, Director of IT Services Grand Est - Public Finance Department
  • Gérard Leymarie, Group Chief Security Officer Europe Assistance

Moderated by : Julien Merali, General Manager IT Agora Managers


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