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The 2022 Red Thread

Ready For IT, 3rd!

If you're reading these few words, you're involved in the digital transition and security, so you know just how fast they've been moving over the last two years! The stakes are colossal: over and above the processes, working methods and production methods that have been totally turned upside down, security has become everyone's business. It's a real revolution, accentuated by a particularly complex geopolitical situation.

Today, cyber fundamentals are finally part of the foundation of digital transformation. Companies have no choice but to tackle these different challenges head on. How do they choose? Where should they start? Who should they turn to? Who are the best partners on the market? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered quickly and efficiently, with the performance and productivity of organisations as the primary objective. This is the role of Ready For IT, with the remarkable commitment of the Editorial Committee: - we are market observers, identifying nuggets and knowing the best players - we are facilitators, helping you to save time and meet the right people - we listen for weak signals to inspire and challenge you.

The 2022 Replays

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