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The 2023 theme

Ready For IT 2023: shake IT!

Whether you work in a medium-sized or large organisation, in technology, public services, commerce or industry (...), securing your technological environment is by far the number one priority when it comes to digital players. We are fortunate to work every day in professions that are constantly changing and innovating more than any others. Businesses that are boosted by attacks, of course, but also increasingly by a global awareness (led by public authorities!) that cybersecurity is a major challenge if we are to maintain our growth momentum. And like any innovative ecosystem, it's teeming with talent, ideas and nuggets.

The ambition of Ready For IT 2023 is to bring together those who are driving and boosting our businesses, those who can provide an immediate solution and at the same time listen out for weak signals from the market so that we can always stay one step ahead. What we want is to have fresh ideas. In 2023, our common theme is creative energy: Shake IT!

The 2023 replays

  • Conferences
  • Round table discussions
Opening conference Tom Fishburne Ready For IT 2023

Opening conference: the fun side of digital transformation and security

To achieve digital transformation and security, organisations need to embrace organisational change, overcome internal resistance and fully exploit technologies, a challenge underlined by the humour of Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist to encourage adoption and cultural change.
White hackers conference - Ready For IT 2023

Insiders: inside the heads of cybercriminals with Ethical Hackers!

This talk looks at trends in cybercrime, the challenges of cybersecurity in 2023, describes a ransomware attack, shares case studies and considers the future of cybersecurity training.

  • Brice Augras (ZaX) President and cybersecurity researcher, BZHunt
  • Victor Poucheret (Doomer), CTO and cybersecurity researcher, BZHunt
  • Clément Domingo (SaxX), co-founder of the NGO Hackers sans frontières
Generative AI Murielle Popa Fabre Ready For IT 2023

Generative AI, regulation and the issues behind ChatGPT

The explosion of ChatGPT highlights the opportunities and challenges of generative AI in various fields, examines its impact on the transition and digital security of businesses, and highlights the importance of appropriate European regulations to maximise the benefits of this innovation.

  • Murielle Popa-Fabre, NLP/ML Expert for AI policies, Council of Europe
Green IT conference - Ready For IT 2023

Green IT: State of the art

Cette session explore l'évolution de la responsabilité numérique dans les organisations, de la prise de conscience environnementale à la mise en œuvre de mesures et d'améliorations concrètes, en passant par la ré-ingénierie des systèmes d'information, illustrée par des exemples concrets pour orienter les actions futures.

  • Mélanie Bénard Crozat, Rédactrice en Chef de S&D Magazine et Impact For the Future
  • Cyrille Maltot, Co-fondateur, Président et co-dirigeant de Synairgis et de AGIT Québec (Canada), Membre de l'Alliance Green IT (France), Spécialiste de la gestion des services numériques et d'entreprise dans une approche RNE
Sustainable IT for growth - Ready For IT 2023

Sustainable IT for growth: a strategic differentiator

Forrester predicts that sustainability will become a strategic imperative, with an increased crackdown on misleading environmental claims. By 2023, businesses will need to integrate sustainability into their strategy, while technology executives will need to master various technologies and methods to reduce IT's carbon footprint and promote sustainable development.

With Stéphane Vanrechem, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Huawei Keynote - Ready For IT 2023

Keynote Huawei - Supply diversification strategy guarantees supply continuity

Diversification of supply is essential to ensure continuity of ICT supply in the face of the challenges of variability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, reducing dependence on single suppliers and strengthening network resilience.

With Minggang Zhang, Deputy Managing Director, Huawei France

Round table Mastering chaos Ready For IT 2023

Tame the chaos: the CIO faces the challenges of the crisis!

CIOs are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of recurring crises. Learn how to anticipate risks, adapt quickly and monitor key indicators to maintain business continuity. 45 minutes to understand how to navigate uncertainty in 2023.

Moderated by Jérôme Saiz, Business Protection Expert - OPFORIntelligence

  • Julien Villecroze, Information Systems Director, Groupe Stelliant
  • Gilles Casteran, Consultant Director, AIGAVE
  • Eric Singer, Administrator, CESIN
Ready For IT 2023 roundtable: digital sovereignty

Digital sovereignty: a challenge for the territorial organisation of digital ecosystems

The issue of digital sovereignty concerns all businesses. What impact do these choices have on the territorial organisation of digital ecosystems? What lessons can we learn from Monaco's data centre being back-up in Luxembourg, in an ‘e-ambassy’? How should IT Departments manage these sovereignty issues, and what are the consequences for businesses?

Moderated by Mélanie Bénard Crozat, Editor-in-Chief of S&D Magazine and Impact For the Future

  • Frédéric Charles, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Suez Smart Solution
  • Garance Mathias, Partner, Mathias Avocats
  • Jean-Charles Harlé, Director of Information Systems, Government of Monaco, Principality of Monaco
Ready For IT 2023 round table: we've lost the talent

We've lost the talent! How do you manage your resources in an ultra-tight IT market?

In a market where skills are in short supply, how do you manage human resources effectively? How can we transform our business lines to make them more attractive, adapt our jobs, limit the outsourcing of IT functions and keep our skills in-house? How can we avoid the risks associated with outsourcing critical functions, while at the same time reaping the benefits?

Moderated by Alexandre Boero, Journalist Reporter, Clubic

  • Delphine Vesin, Head of ‘Regulatory framework for digital security’, La Poste Groupe
  • Camille Morvan, Doctor of Neuroscience and founder of Goshaba
  • Thomas Houdaille, Director of Development, La Plateforme
Ready For IT 2023 round table: resilience

Resilience, better protection for your company's information assets: Protect your queen!

Safeguarding and protecting company data is becoming an increasingly crucial issue. The risks of cyber-attacks and accidental losses can have dramatic consequences for the company. How can you effectively protect your organisation's information assets? How can advanced backup methods and analysis techniques such as BCP and DRP be put in place? And above all, how can you have a resilient system?

Moderated by Stephan Boisson, Group Chief Digital & Information Officer - Digital Whirl Catalyser, Comexposium

  • Cyrille Elsen, CIO, Serenicity
  • Paul-Olivier Gibert, Chairman, AFCDP
  • Benoit Fuzeau, Chairman of Clusif and CISO of Casden Banque Populaire
  • Nadège Reynaud, Cybersecurity Director, TNP Consultants

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